Lackmond Diamond Beast10 Heavy Duty Wet Tile Saw

Beast10 Wet Tile Saw Features:

  • 34" rip cut / 24" Diagonal
  • Powerful 15 amp motor will cut hard materials such as porcelain, stone, and thicker materials
  • Beast10 now comes with the Universal Side Water Tray
  • New Dual Water Feed System allows for precise water control and placement
  • Removable extension table for use with larger format tiles
  • Saw frame constructed of durable steel pipe
  • Heavy duty rail system engineered for exceptionally straight, accurate and smooth cuts
  • Heavy Duty rip fence and angle guide with positive stops 0, 22.5 and 45 degrees
  • Extruded aluminum rails with ball bearings for smooth tray operation
  • Motor tilts to ensure accurate 22.5° and 45° bevel cuts
  • Blade splash guard and back splash tray keeps work area dry and returns water back to the water tray
  • Blade guard easily opens and secures with finger knob
  • Water supply line is externally mounted and easily accessible for cleaning or replacement
  • Water pump designed for use in water tray or side bucket
  • Divider in water tray filters slurry and extends pump life
  • Three-year limited warranty
What's Included?
  • Lackmond 10" Wet Tile Saw
  • 10 in. Diamond blade
  • Side & Rear Splash Trays
  • Side Extension Table
  • Aluminum Universal Guide
  • Water Pump
  • Dual Water Feed Tube
  • Water Plug
  • 8 mm Allen Wrench
  • Operator's manual
Lackmond Beast 10" Wet Tile Saw Specifications
PowerDirect Drive - 1.75 hp (15 amps)
Length of Cut34 in / 39in w/ plunge
Diagonal Length of Cut24 in
Arbor5/8 in
Blade Capacity10 in
Depth of Cut3-3/8 in
Depth of Cut at 45°1-7/8 in
Saw Dimensions43" x 19" x 22"
Shipping Dimensions (in box)46.14" x 26.5" x 18.42"
Weight84 lbs

Question & Answers

Does the Beast10 come with a laser?

No, the new Lackmond Beast10 Wet Tile Saw does not come with a laser.

How high measure the machine horizontal when it is closed? I need to know if it fits in my truck.

Packaging dimensions (in box) for the saw when it ships: 46.14" x 26.5" x 18.42"

Saw out of the box without the stand: 43" (with handle for pan) x 19" x 22".

If I buy the saw do I have to pay extra for shipping the stand?

We are glad to offer free shipping for the whole order if you purchase the Beast10 Wet Tile Saw and stand together.

They use to sell a WTS-2000L saw with laser and plunge head. Is this now the model that replaced it?

This is the direct replacement of the WTS2000LN; it can make plunge cuts, however, this wet saw no longer comes with a laser guide.

Will this saw fit in a Barwalt Saw Shack with all the attachments?

Yes, this saw will fit in the 4' x 5' x 5' Saw Shack.

Was using my saw today an the on off switch is broke it is on the on position but wont shut off I have to plug it in an unplug it What sould I do to fix this ?

For assistance please contact us at 800-709-0002 or contact the Manufacturer Lackmond (800) 850-2044

Does it come like in the first picture, with all the attachments or I have to buy those separate?

The saw includes Lackmond 10" Wet Tile Saw�10 in. Diamond blade�2 Wrenches�Side water tray�Aluminum Universal Guide�Water Pump�Dual Water Feed Tube�Water Plug�Operator's manual.��This information is current as of 8/8/17

Comes with extension for a large format tiles?

Yes, the side extension table is included.

The Beast10 comes with everything shown in the stock image above.

Does the pan have a drain plug? How easy is it to clean out?

The Beast 10 water pan does have a water plug on it. The saw can be cleaned fairly easily with a sponge and water.

I have the large folding stand with wheels that my Beast is mounted to. I know I can store this saw vertically, but can I transport this unit (from job-to-job) in a vertical position without damage to the saw?

You can transport in the vertical position - Be sure to lock main worktable in place on rails and remove trays and side tables before folding stand. Failure to do so could cause damage to these items when stand is folded.

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Most Helpful Reviews


Beast10 Lackmond 34" Wet Tile Saw

Look no further this is the saw for professionals. They must of really asked input from actual tile setters. I have been in the trade for 30 years and have never used a saw so well put together. I loved it so much I just bought the 7 inch version. Just a really sturdy saw that cuts perfectly square. The water is also very well contained. I am writing this one 1-1/2 years after buying it because I just bought the 7 inch version. It still cut as square as day one and it still just a beast

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a nice saw

really nice tile saw!! huge!! the best very easy to use and very comfortable smooth cut I'm happy with this saw thanks ...

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10" Beast

I recently purchased the 10" Beast. I spent a considerable amount of time comparing saws. I strongly considered DeWalt, MK Diamond, Husqvarna, and Bosch. In the end the Beast won out because of its overall features, including the optional folding stand. I wanted the long rip capability and I wanted to be able to store the saw on the stand. Assembly of the saw and stand was an easy one-person job. I highly recommend the folding stand, kind of pricey but it's heavy duty and really handles the saw well. It's easy to operate and makes storage of the saw a breeze.

I'm glad I made the decision to buy the Beast. It's a great saw. It delivers as promised right out of the box. The table is more than sturdy and glides smooth and true. The water system is powerful. The ability to direct the flow of water where I want to on the blade is something that I have come to really appreciate. The Beast is the most accurate saw I have ever used. I've used it on long rips (36") and it held the cut line every time. In fact it never moves off the line. Plunge cuts are easy as well. I haven't used the bevel feature yet but with my experience with straight cuts I'm sure it won't be a problem. The water splash trays work as advertised. Clean up after a job is easy.

I'm only disappointed in two things about this saw. One, there isn't spray nozzle to clean the table. It seems like the addition of another valve, (which is something I will add) would have been part of the design, but it isn't. Not a deal breaker for sure but maybe a nice to have feature. Second, and most disappointing is the rip guide. It is too short. On long rips it isn't very sturdy. It cheap in design and workmanship compared to other features on this saw. Again, not a deal breaker but definitely a disappointment. I will look for an after market replacement.

The saw runs quiet. The direct drive motor starts up easy. Even the blade that comes with the saw is OK. Overall it's great equipment and I highly recommend it.

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Beast 10 Review

by - verified purchaser
I looked around for a month or two researching reviews on various sites. I considered DeWalt, Bosch, and several others, including the Beast10. I finally chose the Beast10, even though there were only a few reviews out there.
Pros: 34-inch capabilities; 39 with plunge cut. Very little over spray compared to other tile saws I have used. Smooth gliding table. Really accurate cuts; comes with a great quality blade that I used on porcelain tiles. I only used clean water from a bucket for blade cooling, a practice I highly recommend to avoid pump failure/clogging. I called Lachmond to find out more about the tile saw, and talked to some very knowledgeable and helpful people. Some prior reviews stated that the water distribution for that blade was not very good, and Lachmond responded to that concern by saying they had redesigned the water tubes to distribute the water to spray on both sides of the blade. As luck would have it, even though I had just ordered the Beast 10, my saw came with the old water distribution setup. The new factory builds now come with the new "y" setup. I called Lachmond, and received the new "y"piece within a week for no charge. Great customer service in the USA. It works GREAT now.

Cons: Other than the fact that I got an original-design water 'snake' this saw has been outstanding. The cart is not included, but I did purchase it (a bit pricey, but worth every penny).

Other notes: Includes an excellent blade. I did find that the blade with need to be regularly dressed, especially when doing plunge cuts in porcelain. Order a dressing stone with the saw.
The cart is really well designed, and EASY to move around, even up and down stairs as the wheel size has been increased. Super easy to collapse and to pop-up. You will have to remove the right side trays (really simple) to fit the saw between doors.
This tile saw has only been out since around 12/15. I was told that the redesign of the Beast included input from tile pros, what they liked, disliked, and wanted from a tile saw. I highly recommend this saw.

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