Alpha Surface Preparation

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Alpha Surface Preparation

ECG-125 Alpha 5" Dustless Ecogrinder, 120 V

  • Ideal high performance grinder with a built-in vacuum system.
  • Unique slide cover allows the Eco grinder grinding wheel to grind up to the wall.
  • Free 5" Grinding Wheel.
  • 6812 Alpha Dust Bag & Carriage

    $15.08 to $124.76
  • Hands-Free Dust Bag Carriage.
  • The carriage can also be used as a backpack for vertical applications and easy transport.
  • Spare dust bags available.
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    6636 Alpha Ecogrinder Accessories

    $15.08 to $36.75
  • 17"x13 1/2"x12", Dust Bag w/strap.
  • Manual Height Adjustment Flange Assembly.
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    6624 Alpha 4 Step Concrete Polishing System

    $2.77 to $108.44
  • Variable Drive Hub, Variable Drive Flange, and Variable Drive Lock Nut are required for use on 5/8"-11 wet polisher.
  • Max 4000 RPM.
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    AT0300R Alpha 300 Grit 3" Advantage Resin Discs for Marble

  • Better than other polishing systems for marble or terrazzo for better than factory finishes.
  • Specifically for marble and terrazzo floor restoration or maintenance.
  • Used under a variety of floor machines.