Husqvarna DM220 Hand Held Wet Core Drill 966563503

Adapted to all types of users from beginners to professionals.

  • Has a new level guiding system that guides the operator, increases precision, and provides more efficient drilling.
  • Wet and dry drilling, a three-way valve enables both dry and wet drilling.
  • The machine’s front handle can be turned 360 degrees, which is useful when drilling in cramped areas.
  • LED indicator shows when the machine is in vertical or horizontal position.
  • It’s also possible to calibrate the system to receive guidance for angled drilling.
  • Equipped with Elgard™, which uses pulsation to indicate when the machine is overloaded. This extends product life.
  • When making a starter hole, speed can be reduced by half using SmartStart™.
  • Built-in SoftStart™ electronic current limiter means full speed is reached about two seconds after start.
  • Free Carrying case.

Husqvarna DM 220 Specifications
MotorSingle Phase, Electric
Power2.3 hp/ 1,700 W/ 20 amps
No Load RPM

900, 2,150, 4,500
Full Load RPM

500, 1,400, 2,900
Bit Capacity4 inch (handheld)

6 inch (on stand)
Connection1-1/4"-7 thread and

5/8"-11 thread
Weight12 lbs

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