ICS Hydraulic Flow Adapter Valves


  • Leave the noise and fumes a comfortable distance away.
  • The ICS® Hydraulic Flow Adapter Valve allows for smooth, quiet operation of any ICS Hydraulic Saw powered from other hydraulic equipment on the jobsite such as a skid loader or backhoe.
  • Use with high-capacity power supplies up to 20 gpm (114 lpm) and up to 2500 psi (205 bar).
  • The flow rate from the adapter valve is fixed not to exceed the rating of your saw.
  • Available for 8 gpm or 12 gpm (30 or 45 lpm) saws.
  1. Connect valve assembly to power supply (Fittings and bushings not provided): A) Attach hose from port labeled INLET to the pressurized or pump line of power supply. B) Attach hose from port labeled TANK to the tank return line of power supply.
  2. Connect ICS tool hoses to flow adapter using flush-face hydraulic couplings.
  3. Ensure proper rotational direction of ICS tool.
  • Port Thread Size Inlet & Tank: SAE #10 (7/8-14 UNF)
  • System & Return: SAE #8 (3/4-16 UNF)
  • Hose Thread Size: 7/8-14 UNF

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