Raimondi Grouting Tools

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Raimondi Grouting Tools

SMBERTA Raimondi Berta Advanced Grout Cleaning Machine

  • Run the Berta electric sponge backwards across the grouted tile at a 45 degree angle
  • The sponge rotates through a water sump and is cleaned before contacting the floor again
  • Weighs only 84 lbs.
  • WBWMGS Raimondi Pedalo Grout Cleaning System

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  • Clean Grout Joints Standing UP!
  • Works on walls and floors
  • SAVE TIME & MONEY. Cut time by 30 to 50%.
  • 6395 Replacement Floor Sponges for Raimondi Pedalo

    $9.50 to $32.00
  • 5" x 17" wide floor sponges make grout cleaning quick and easy!
  • Yellow, Slitted Yellow, Brown & Cellulose Sponges.
  • Raimondi Aluminum Poles (52").
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    6396 Replacement Sponges for Raimondi WBSMART & Pulirapid 5" x 11"

    $7.00 to $15.00
  • 5" x 11" Repl Sponges for Raimondi WBSMART & Pulirapid grout Cleaning Systems.
  • Clip-on handle sold separately
  • Yellow sponge is softer than brown.
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    SMSRB Sanded Grout Sponge for Raimondi Berta

  • Sanded grout replacement sponge for Raimondi Berta and Rosina
  • Sponge life 1,600 - 21,000 sq.ft. (depending on surface & sponge pressure)
  • WBJWB Raimondi Pulirapid Grout Cleaning System

  • Fast and easy cleaning of walls and floors
  • Including those hard to reach areas
  • Portable lightweight material makes it easy to transport
  • 6397 Replacement 7" x 14" Wall Sponge for Raimondi Pedalo

    $10.00 to $26.00
  • 7" x 14" Quick-Change Hand Sponge
  • Yellow sponge is softer than brown
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    WBSMART Raimondi Smart Grout Cleaning System

  • Never before has grout clean-up been this easy!
  • Rollers designed for maximum water extraction, sponge comes with backer plate, no adhesive necessary
  • SMSRE Epoxy Grout Sponge for Raimondi Berta

  • Replacement sponge for Raimondi Berta & Rosina grout cleaning machines
  • Sponge last over 5000 sq.ft.
  • FMGP Raimondi Maxititina 19" Grouting Paddle

  • Twist lock grouting attachment, for the Maxititina floor grouting machine
  • 8 non-abrasive rubber floats are replaceable
  • 3039 Raimondi Smart Grout Float, 10" x 4"

    $4.50 to $9.00
  • Super light weight, sharp edges last 30% longer than traditional floats
  • Neutral rubber pad color to avoid discoloration
  • Cuts grout clean to the tile, allows for easy clean up
  • Reusable handle!
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    WBEASY Raimondi Easy Grout Cleaning System

  • New Wash Bucket with bag for the collection of grout residual
  • Eliminated the times to clean the wash bucket
  • Rollers designed for maximum water extraction, sponge comes with backer plate, no adhesive necessary
  • SMAF14 Raimondi Anti-Foaming Liquid for Sponge Machines

  • 400 ml, 14 oz bottle
  • Use to keep foam from building inside the wash bucket, when using an electric sponge machine
  • WBHANDLE Handle for Raimondi Hand Sponges

  • For use with Raimondi wall sponges for Pedalo grout cleaning system and hand sponges for the Pulirapid, Smart and Easy grout cleaning systems
  • Snaps into place - no adhesives needed
  • 270241 Vitrex "Grout-Out" Grout Removal Tool

  • The easiest way to refresh any tiled area
  • 3-speed powers through old and discolored grouts
  • Interchangeable grout removing tips
  • 8 ft. (2.5 m) power cable
  • 1039k Raimondi 20" Grout Rake with 5 ft. Pole

  • Use to pull back excess grout.
  • Use with Maxititina to move excess grout around.
  • Use has a squeegee Double foam-rubber allows greater liquid gathering.
  • Includes 5 ft. aluminum pole.
  • SMSRY Sweepex Soft Yellow Sponge for Raimondi Berta

  • Long life sponge Sweepex (soft yellow)
  • High absorbtion for cement based grout
  • Sponge life 1,600 - 21,000 sq.ft. (depending on surface & sponge pressure)
  • FMSDD Raimondi Maxititina Nylon Spike Pad Driver

  • Use with Maxititina floor machine to hold felt disc
  • Made of high impact polymer for extra strength and long life
  • Attaches quickly to different pad thicknesses and holds the pad on center without tearing
  • FMWT Water Tank for Raimondi Maxititina

  • Polypropylene tank capacity 12 liters (3.2 gals)
  • FMNBM Raimondi 18" Nylon Brush for Maxititina

  • Nylon Brush for Raimondi Maxititina
  • Used for general scrubbing or stripping finishes from hard surfaces
  • Cleans wide grout lines
  • FMSDH Raimondi 18" Pad Holder for Maxititina Floor Machine

  • 18" Floor Pad Holder for use with Raimondi Maxititina Floor Machine.
  • Use with carbide Disc or sand paper.
  • FM18SDW Raimondi 18" Fine White Polishing Floor Pad

  • Light dry polishing or light water spray for high gloss
  • Recommended operating use is 175-350 RPM
  • Usable on both sides
  • WBDPBE Raimondi Roll of 20 Replacement Bags for WBEASY Bucket

  • When job is complete, dispose the bag in trash or put a small hole on side of the bag draining water and then dispose the remaining bag with residue in trash.
  • WBROLSES Raimondi Skipper Replacement Rollers

  • Replacement rollers for Skipper, Smart, Easy buckets
  • 9" x 1-3/4" diameter
  • Sold individually