Tile Nippers & Tile Snips

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Tile Nippers & Tile Snips

33W Montolit Professional "Crab" Nippers

  • Guarantees precision and excellent material handling up to 15mm thick tile
  • Comfortable grip with the rubber coating and special curve design that contours to your hand
  • Extremely lightweight
  • 70316 Barwalt Ultrabite Porcelain Tile Nippers

  • Revolutionary new nipper designed for porcelain!
  • 50% less weight than other GT style nippers
  • Replaceable special formulated carbide tips
  • Stainless steel bearing, won't rust
  • 55W Montolit Tile Nibbler

  • Engineered to work great on wide a variety of tile including glass tile and mosaics
  • Quick, clean and accurate cuts
  • Replaceable cutting wheels
  • 6370 Superior Ceramic Tile Nippers

  • Sharp carbide tipped cutting edges
  • Handle with coil spring re-opening action
  • #25 Nipper features a 1/8" opening for thin tiles
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    83942 Rubi Wheeled Porcelain Tile Nippers

  • Cut narrow strips as thin as 7/16".
  • Equipped with tungsten carbon scoring wheels.
  • Circular cutting blades for easy nipping and cutting.
  • 9532 Tomecanic Parrot Beak Tile Nippers

  • Allows you to get into those tight hard to reach areas easily
  • Perfect for cutting inside holes of tile
  • Professional grade, tungsten carbide teeth
  • 71970 Rubi Mosaic Tile Nippers

  • Specially shaped Tungsten carbide jaws that will cut mosaic tiles neatly into straight pieces.
  • Pliers-style hand tool for cutting mosaic tile up to 3/8" thick.
  • 65952 Rubi Tile Nippers for Hard Materials

  • Heavy-duty nipper for hard materials.
  • Heat treated carbon steel tips.
  • Reinforced center spring.
  • 32010 QEP Wheeled Glass & Mosaic Tile Nippers

  • For quickly cutting small mosaic pieces of glass & removing tiny points from glass tile
  • Cuts glass from 1/32" to 1/4" in thickness
  • 7773 Barwalt Ultrabite Replacement Carbide Tips

  • Replacement tips make worn nippers like new!
  • Includes two new nuts and wrench.
  • Made in USA.