Wacker Neuson Accessories For 36" Walk-behind Trowels

  • Set of four clip-on float blades for 915mm/36" walk-behind and ride-on trowels (fits the CRT 36ASO and CRT 36ASN ride-on models).
  • Combination float/finish blades for 915mm/36" walk-behind trowels.
  • Finish blades for 915mm/36" walk-behind trowels.
  • Blades are sold as a set of four and are made from highly polished steel.
  • Weight kit, set of two (2) 10 lbs. weights for CT walk-behind trowels. During the burnishing (final finishing) process, the additional weight provides more pressure to smooth the concrete surface to achieve highly polished floors.
  • Lifting bracket for CT 36-5A and CT 36-6 walk-behind trowel. Lifting bracket simplifies the task of moving around and picking-up walk-behind trowel out of the truck or off the job sites.

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