N4000 Wood's Powr-Grip 8" Hand Cup with Case

Wood's Powr-Grip Vacuum Cups, among the safest hand vacuum cups available on the market today. These specially designed, hand actuated cups operate on a pump system, and create a vacuum under their gripping pad section. The pump plunger had a red band to indicate suction level at all times. When it shows less than 100% vacuum left, simply pump the plunger until you reach the original vacuum pressure without removing the cup from the glass. To release, just depress a trigger on the opposite end of the handle from the plunger. These cups come with a release valve guard to prevent accidental loss of vacuum. There are four models of the basic Wood's Powr-Grip Vacuum Cup. All come with a vacuum-molded carrying case to protect the cup when not in use.

  • Pump-Action Vacuum Lifter is designed to make the carrying of large tile safe and easy.
  • Tough ABS handle, with zinc plated parts designed not to rust, attached to a precision molded rubber suction pad.
  • Vertical and horizontal lifting capacity of 125 pounds (56.7 kilograms), enough for most manual lifting situations.
  • To release, just press the trigger on the opposite side of the plunger.
  • This is the choice of vacuum cups by most professional glaziers.
  • 203 mm (8") Vacuum Lifter Proven Reliability Throughout the World.
  • Heavy-Duty 5 MM Thick ABS Handle Resists Bending, Especially During Heavy Lifts.
  • Fast, Safe Attachment to Smooth, Non-Porous Flat Surfaces.
  • Four Extra Mounting Points Make it Easy to Attach to Metal Lifting Frames, Jigs, and Our Vacuum Ratchet Tensioning Kit.

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