Alpha Dry Polishing System for Stone, Metals and Woods

This high speed, dry polishing system by Alpha Tools is used to polish stainless steel down to a nice semi-mirror finish. As well as applications such as, ceramic, wood, and other metals. Take of rust, paint and heavy coating materials with this versatile polishing pad. For a high quality, long lasting, multi-purpose polishing pad you are buying that and more with Alpha Tools PVA VP polishing discs


  • Polish stone, ceramics, metals and wood
  • Used on polishers, grinders and sanders at any RPM for high speed, fast working applications
  • Highly recommended for users who are removing rust, paint, mill scales, and coatings
  • Availible in 4-1/2" discs that prevent clogging
  • Made from silicon carbide and polyvinyl alcohol bond
  • Dry use only

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