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6140 Alpha Plus Dry Cutting Diamond Blade

$56.39 to $81.79
  • The ultimate dry blade for stone.
  • Cut any hard material, granite, marble, stone, ceramic tile, concrete, masonry.
  • Use quad adapter for flush cuts.
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    PVA-5/8 Alpha 4" Quick Change Backer Pad

  • Necessary for attaching PVA quick change wheels to a low speed sander / polisher.
  • Max Rpm 4000.
  • The adapter simply fits into place and locks on with a twisting motion.
  • ECOGRDSB Alpha Tools Ecoguard M for Angle Grinders

  • Eliminates the kickback on a hand held grinder.
  • Meant for heavy duty applications.
  • Reduces sparks, odor and debris from being scattered.
  • 9848 Alpha Tools PVA VP Style 4-1/2" Dry Polishing Discs with Hub

  • Engineered to polish many different materials including stone, ceramics, metals and woods.
  • 5/8"-11 threaded arbor with disposable zinc hub.
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    ECOGKIT Alpha Tools Eco-Guard G-Connector Hose Kit

  • Designed to mount to high-speed angle grinders for dust collection.
  • Fits up to 5 inch diameter grinding wheels.
  • ECOGRDW5 Alpha Tools Ecoguard Type W5

  • Ideal for use with tuckpoint and crack chaser blades
  • Fits most 4-1/2" and 5" angle grinders
  • Must be used with a vacuum
  • ECOW5KIT Ecoguard W5 & 18" Connector Hose

  • Engineered dust cover designed to collect dust and debris while using high-speed angle grinders.
  • Accepts up to 5" diameter blades.
  • Available 18 inch hose included in kit.
  • AIR-680 Alpha Tools Pneumatic Polisher

  • Lightweight and ergonomically designed.
  • Equipped with 15 ft. flexible air and water hoses.
  • Oil port allows for easy lubrication and quick maintenance.
  • 3126 Alpha High Speed PVA Makita Style Single Pack

  • High Speed, max Rpm 12,000. Makita Style.
  • Polish bullnose, shaped edge and carved detail without damaging the workpiece.
  • It is the perfect way to polish marble or travertine, Single Piece Pack.
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    AIR-300 Alpha Mini Air Wet Polisher

  • Only 1.6 Lbs and ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand reducing fatigue from long hours of polishing
  • Requires a 3HP compressor, 10 CFM and air pressure between 85–95 PSI
  • CH1058 Alpha Tools Drill Bit Adapter 10mm to 5/8"-11 Thread

  • Adapter designed for use of drill bits on 5/8"-11 threaded polishers.
  • Max RPM 3,500.
  • AWS-110 Alpha 4-1/2" Wet Stone Cutter

  • 4-1/2" blade capacity, powerful 11 Amp motor
  • Guide provided so you can work on the edge of the stone
  • Water feed system included
  • DTB00250 Alpha Vacuum Brazed Diamond 1/4'' Trimmer Bit

  • Only fits the RotoZip RZ20-4200 and DeWalt DW660 
  • Perfect for electrical receptacles, water-valve holes, drains, etc
  • Use on engineered and natural stones, porcelain and ceramic tiles
  • 6195 Alpha 4" Ceramica EX Wet Resin Polishing Pads

    $23.55 to $111.86
  • ONE SYSTEM FOR ALL STONES! Only 5 discs needed!
  • Can polish marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo, porcelain ceramic tile, engineered stones, and quartz surfaces
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    AT1000R 1000 Grit 3" Advantage Resin Discs for Marble

  • Better than other polishing systems for marble or terrazzo for better than factory finishes.
  • Specifically for marble and terrazzo floor restoration or maintenance.
  • Used under a variety of floor machines.
  • ECOGRDCT Alpha Ecoguard Dust Collection Cover Type C

  • Accepts up to 5” diameter blades
  • Fits on most popular high-speed angle grinders 
  • Suspended dust cover prevents dust from escaping
  • ECOGRDGR Alpha Ecoguard Dust Collection Cover Type G

  • Accepts up to 5” diameter Grinding Cup Wheels.
  • Fits on most popular high-speed angle grinders.
  • Removable flat covers allows grinding to the edge.
  • Suspended dust cover prevents dust from escaping.
  • HWD1120 Alpha 15 Gallon Hepa Vacuum

  • Used for wet and dry cleanup.
  • 80 inch water lift.
  • HEPA filter contains 99.97% of micro particles.
  • Machine weight 34 lbs.
  • DPM638 Alpha 6" Marble Profile Wheel

  • Profile and cut marble in one pass.
  • 5/8" arbor, fits on most wet saws.
  • 6" dia. 3/8" Radius wheel. For marble only.
  • 6230 Alpha Felt Wheel for Polishing With Powder

    $9.05 to $14.65
  • Hook and Loop backed, 1/4" thick, Max Rpm 4000.
  • Use with our buffing compound.
  • Very popular material for the final buff process in stone fabrication.
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    DS4C11 Alpha 4" Coarse Continuous Cup Wheel

  • Alpha DS Style high quality cup wheel
  • No-bounce feature, reduce operator fatigue
  • Max 14,500 Rpm, 5/8"-11 threaded arbor
  • Can be used wet or dry at low or high speed
  • WDS138 Alpha Drill Bit Guide / Water Delivery System

  • Delivers sufficient water while suction cup creates a vacuum that secures down the guide and drill bit.
  • Use with electroplated drill bits up to 1-1/2" diameter.
  • BG03AL Alpha 3-3/8" Wet Cutting Glass Blade

  • 3-3/8" diameter for wet cutting of glass with battery powered saws.
  • Cuts glass perfectly without chipping.
  • Smooth continuous rim is well suited for this application.
  • 290006 Alpha Tools 60 Grit Dressing Stick

  • Exposes diamond on glazed tile blades and grinding wheels after use for longer life and improved performance
  • Dimensions - 8" x 1.5" x 1.5"