Hawk Brute Floor Machine Accessories

Accessories for the Hawk Brute Severe-Duty Floor Machine for surface preparation, stone cleaning and concrete polishing.

Vacuum Hose Port Dust Control Kit, HP0031-DC20-BRUTEKIT

  • Fits 20" Hawk Brute Severe Duty Floor Machines.
  • Includes Dust Control Skirt and Motor Mounting for attachment to standard 1.5" vacuum hose.
  • Hook up any vacuum cleaner and keep the dust in the bag.

Water Feed System, HP0032

  • Includes handle-mounted valve for direct connection to a standard water hose.
  • Hose then runs down to a connection that routes water to the brush or pad holder area.
  • The valve controls variable pressure and on or off water flow.

Weighted Diamond Pad Holder, A0011WTDPD

  • Fits 20" Hawk Brute floor machine
  • For diamond abrasive pad stone care applications.
  • Weighs 64 lbs. and is used with steel wool, scrub pads, and diamond pads for heavy scrubbing, polishing, and light grinding.
  • The diamond abrasive disc pads attach to the pad holder face by hook and loop.
  • Increased weight improves overall diamond aggression for improved productivity.

Orbitec Diamond Abrasive Pad Holder, HP0020

  • Fits 20" Hawk Brute floor machine.
  • Orbitec has six (6) 4" counter rotating discs that turn at 450 RPM while the overall pad driver turns 165 RPM.
  • The diamond abrasive disc pads attach by hook and loop to each of the 4" discs.
  • Improves overall diamond aggression for improved productivity.
  • Orbitec holder weighs 52 lbs.
  • The additional weight coupled with the aggression of the counter rotating heads lets you get the job done faster!

Tile, Glue, Concrete Scraping Tool, HP0034

  • Surface preparation head for scraping concrete floors.
  • The productive, economical, and environmentally safe method for scraping and preparing concrete floors and stripping of film coatings, packed soils, etc.
  • Designed to fit 19" or 20" machines, this 17" Disk Block is equipped with 6 replaceable carbon steel cutter blades; each blade has 8 cutting edges; three replacement blades per set.
  • Note: Do not use with flammable materials risk from possible fire or explosion.

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